The best move in working out a selling price or current value for your
property – whether your home, a commercial property or farm – is by using a
comparative market analysis (CMA). This gives an estimated market value of
your property which is determined using sources such as the Deeds Office
and Surveyor General, recent sales, property-specific details and price

At MSP, we’re happy to carry out a CMA at your request. Our agent will
conduct a walk-through of your property to assess factors such as its
condition, and will point out unique aspects and features and how these
affect the potential selling price.

If you are landlord, a CMA helps in determining a fair and competitive
monthly asking price from a tenant and provides insight to when to amend
prices to the current market conditions – it also delivers ideas of how else
you could benefit from the property if not in the form of monthly rental
income. Another benefit of an up-to-date valuation is that you can ensure
that your property insurance is correct and up to date.

An up to date valuation of your property empowers you to dispute a
municipal valuation of your property. The municipal Property Rates Act of
2004 calls for a market valuation to determine the rates payable. To lodge a
successful objection to the values determined, you would require a valuation
report – another thing that we’re more than happy to assist you with.
What do you receive with a property valuation:
  • Municipal valuation of your property
  • Suburb trends
  • Owner information
  • Selling history
  • Transfer history
  • Comparable sales in the area
  • Average price per square metre in the area
  • Aerial and map view


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