To be the top property solutions and investment opportunities company in
South Africa, while:
  • Facilitating community upliftment by providing superior quality, affordable
    housing supported by service excellence, integrity and honesty;
  • Stimulating local economies by creating job opportunities; and
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in all business dealings while
    providing professional and friendly service to our clients.


Providing quality and accessible lifestyle investment opportunities and
solutions in property.
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2006 NHBRC Western Cape
Builder of the Year Award

In 2006 we won the NHBRC Western Cape Builder
of the Year Award for homes in the R250 000 -
R500 000 category.
2008 Western Cape
Govan Mbeki Housing Award

In 2008 we were awarded as second runner up in
the Western Cape Govan Mbeki Housing Awards
for non-subsidy housing.
2010 SAPI
Planning Award

In 2010 we were awarded the SAPI Planning
Award for innovative layout and design on
Buh-Rein Estate.
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Our Promise to You

We are a multi award-winning leader in the property industry, integrity is cemented firmly in our business's foundation and all our endeavours are dealt with the highest ethical approach.

Respect for a company can't be bought, it should be earned and over the past 15 years we have done just that.

Our passion is property and people. We achieve this through our customer focused approach as our main objective. 

Social and environmental responsibilities are aspects we thrive upon, as the biggest gift that one can receive, is being fortunate enough to be able to give back for the betterment of our communities and the environment.


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We move heaven and earth (literally)
to protect our environment

When you buy a home from MSP, rest assured that social and environmental
sensitivity has been considered before the spade hits the soil. MSP is especially
known for the care it puts into these considerations, including our drive towards
innovative green power.

An example of this is Acorn Creek, one of our newest developments, where a
solar geyser system and panels are standard on every roof, with a hybrid power
back-up solar system that allows residents to live partially off grid. The river
corridor that runs the entire length of this development is being upgraded, with
gabion walls and ponds to collect sediment and filter the water. Any storm-water
collected on site (from roads and gutters) is cleaned first, according to Acorn
Creek's Storm-water Management Plan, before it flows back into the creek.

So it’s safe to say that we are passionate about helping to protect the
environment wherever possible – from the materials we use to build homes, to the
way we incorporate green spaces and lush trees into our developments. Add to
this that MSP also undertakes various regular social initiatives, our developments
uplift communities by creating new hubs where commercial, retail and leisure
opportunities grow, all the while creating invaluable job opportunities. MSP instils
stability and safety for families in every socio-economic sector of our society.