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The award-winning Buh-Rein Estate in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town is an entire suburb set across 87.62 hectares, with great mountain views and easy access to major highways. This brainchild of Riaan Roos, CEO of Multi Spectrum Property (MSP), is made up of 40 separate and unique complexes, each with their own security, all wrapped up in the ultimate in lifestyle offerings. Now just launched by MSP is Buh-Rein Retirement Village, which is certain to prove popular.

Says Roos: “As with the rest of Buh-Rein Estate, Buh-Rein Retirement Village takes into consideration the real needs of its residents. Retirees can range from the fit and active to those who need more care, and we take the whole spectrum into account. The Retirement Village is open to those aged 50 years and over and includes 461 one- and two-bedroom apartments, in buildings of three storeys each, that include lifts. This number is made up of 68 Assisted Living Apartments and 393 Independent Living Apartments. In addition, there is a Care Centre which has both Frail Care and Memory Care households.

“We created Buh-Rein Retirement Village to meet all sorts of physical and social needs, and it has its own clubhouse with two restaurants, a heated swimming pool, wellness salon, hairdresser, beautician and massage therapy, gymnasium with shower facilities, deli, library with Internet access, bar/refreshment area, courtyard with central water feature and ample seating, lapa with indoor and outdoor braai facilities, and a function hall which can accommodate 500 people. There is also a gatehouse with hobby areas: a workshop for woodwork, and a room for handcrafts such as pottery and knitting.”

The Assisted Living Apartments are priced from R819 900.00 and have 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Owners will have weekly access to primary healthcare clinic services by a registered / staff nurse at the Care Centre, 5 days per year (per unit) recuperative care at the Care Centre at no additional charge (T’s & C’s apply), 24-Hour Call4Care monitoring and emergency alert services, and 15% discount on permanent accommodation in the Care Centre. Permanent residents will also receive priority if they need to move to reside in the Care Centre, subject to availability. Other services include 2.5 kg of personal laundry twice per week; 5 kg of linen laundry once per week; 2 hours of domestic service twice per week; and 16 main meals (per unit) per month at the restaurants within the Clubhouse (pre-booking system).

The Independent Living Apartments are priced from R719 900.00 and have 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Owners will have access to all of the above facilities except the laundry and domestic services, and may have 4 main meals (per unit) per month at the restaurants within the Clubhouse (pre-booking system).

Roos describes what the Care Centre offers: “The Care Centre with its 10 Frail Care and 10 Memory Care units is carefully designed to address specialised needs associated with Frail Care services and dementia. A Dementia Bureau is also included for patients and their family members, for guidance and a clear understanding of what to expect when a decline in mental ability occurs. Internal layouts are specifically designed to assist with orientation and navigation within the centre, with consideration for the safety of all residents within the facility, for example use of non-slip and non-reflective surfaces. It also offers easy access to safe outdoor areas to encourage residents to use and enjoy the entire premises, including the landscaped gardens, for stimulating both body and mind.”

Amanda du Plooy is the landscaping architect for Buh-Rein Retirement Village, and says the principles of landscape design for elderly people with cognitive and/or sensory impairment is an increasingly active field of study. “It is well recorded that there is an improved sense of well-being when these needs are addressed in the natural environment. Access and proximity to external space will enable an older person to maintain an active lifestyle which supports their physical and emotional well-being. We  therefore provide level access to garden areas from communal rooms or private patios, with different levels of secure access to cater for changing needs, for example for those with dementia. You create a familiarity with the environment which they can rely on.

“A herb and vegetable garden will provide the largest open space, interconnected with ‘green’ links from the surrounding apartments, making it the green lung of the development. This will provide a place to congregate, sit on benches and partake in the social aspects of living in a community or getting actively involved with the gardening. Raised planting beds will ensure no back strain and also ease of wheelchair access.”

Adds Roos: “Given the severe drought in the Western Cape, alternative water sources are being used during construction and a permanent borehole has been drilled for irrigation purposes. The landscaping plan accommodates the current climate by specifying strictly indigenous plants which are water-wise. Harvesting of rainwater and storage thereof forms an integral part of the storm water management plan.”

Catering and cleaning services are also available at the retirement village, with Call4Care carrying out daily check-ups via their intercoms. As is the case for the greater Bub-Rein Estate, Phangela provides security services.

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