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The popularity of estate living is on the increase in South Africa. MSP compiled the top 10 reasons why estate living is proving so popular:

1. Security

South Africans are security conscious. Most people are aware of the importance of securing their homes and burglar bars and home alarm systems are commonplace. In addition to these security measures, estate living often offers perimeter security around the entire estate. Access control also results in tighter security.

2. Affordability

Estate living offers various options and homeowners can generally choose from entry-level apartments or cottages to upmarket family homes, depending on their budgets and needs.

3. New and neat

A large percentage of properties sold in estates are brand new. However, even resales are generally in a state of good repair because the rules and regulations of estates dictate a certain standard of upkeep from homeowners.

4. Cost saving

Homeowners, who buy a new home directly from the developer in an estate, not only benefit from moving into a brand new property, they also save on the costs because no transfer duties are payable on properties bought directly from developers.

5. Downscaling

Empty nesters often move into estates because it gives them the opportunity to downscale in a vibrant environment. Without having to compromise on stylish living, they can move to a smaller, more affordable property.

6. Lock up and go

Everyone loves a holiday or a weekend away. Estate living makes this so much easier without worrying about your property while you are relaxing elsewhere. In an estate, you simply lock your front door and leave without giving a second thought to the hassles associated with a freestanding home in the suburbs.

7. Amenities

Many estates offer excellent amenities for the exclusive use of estate homeowners. These could include securely laid out walking or jogging tracks, restaurants, shops, a pool complex and many more. Retirement estates are also proving very popular with community centres, assisted living and care centres, all on the premises and within easy reach of residents.

8. Sense of community

When your children grow up in an estate, you can enjoy the sense of community associated with good neighbours. Quiet streets where children can still safely cycle in the road or play a ball game are no longer a mere memory from the past. Estate living brings healthy, secure childhood experiences back into the family home.

9. Forward thinking

Estate living often prides itself on its forward thinking design and technologies. New developments incorporate the latest green features to contain the impact of housing on the environment. MSP’s

Acorn Creek Lifestyle Estate not only has solar geysers, LED lighting and indigenous landscaping as standard features in all its homes, but each of the 320 homes will have its own solar-powered electrical backup system and a grey water collection and distribution system.

10. Position, position, position

Homeowners know the position of their homes are crucial to ensure a secure long-term investment. Residential estates are usually on excellent travel routes, offering good infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, and churches. Often new neighbourhoods develop around estates, making estate living highly desirable to people entering the property market.

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Author: Multi Spectrum Property

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