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MSP pays close attention to environmentally friendly building principles when developing homes

that are sustainable for the future.

“Our developments already include solar geysers and indigenous landscaping as standard features to

contain the impact on the environment,” explains David Britz, Operations Director at MSP.

“However, with the launch of the new Acorn Creek Lifestyle Estate in Somerset West, we’re taking

our environmental consciousness a step further.

“Acorn Creek in the Helderberg is developed in eight phases and will offer a total of 320 homes and

195 apartments. Apart from the standard green features such as LED lighting and solar geysers,

each of the houses will have its own solar powered electrical backup system and a grey water

collection and distribution system.

“When the energy crisis hit South Africans hard a few years ago and load shedding became a part of

daily life in South Africa, people became more aware of solar energy and how it can be harnessed to

keep a household running despite power interruptions. The Power-up battery packs, which are

installed at the houses in the new Acorn Creek development, are charged through solar panels.

These batteries can supply between 60 and 70% of a household’s energy needs. Many people move

towards becoming less dependent on the national energy provider and harnessing the power of the


“The severe drought has also resulted in consumers waking up to the fact that we need to reduce

our water consumption and conserve this valuable resource,” adds David. “Grey water systems such

as the ones which will be a standard feature at Acorn Creek’s homes, provide an easy answer to

reducing water consumption and reusing water that have already been circulated through the


Acorn Creek Lifestyle Estate extends its environmental efforts further than these home solutions.

The landscaping was planned to include a natural stream or creek that meanders through the entire

estate. Indigenous and fynbos plants and more than 850 trees, including fruit trees, will adorn the

communal areas.

Residents are also encouraged to move more. Continues David: “The development features a 1,4km

walking or jogging trail along the river. Landscaped ponds with berms and walkways add to the park-

like surroundings, as do the children’s play equipment in the parks, and outdoor gym. The

communal areas at Acorn Creek are served by an integrated water management system and

retention dams, which use storm and roof water, borehole water and Municipal effluent water (grey


“MSP is a member of the Green Building Council. Apart from creating sustainable developments, we

aim to move savings on to our homeowners who are enabled to use less electricity and water due to

the innovations, which was integrated into the building of their homes,” concludes David.

Move with the times, move to sustainability with Acorn Creek Lifestyle Estate.

Author: Multi Spectrum Property

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