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Moving into a brand new home can be a dream come true for buyers who acquire their properties from reputable property developers.

Why buy into a new development?
Apart from the obvious delight of being the first people to move into a brand new house, and therefore enjoying a fresh new kitchen, bathroom and entire home, there are additional advantages of buying into a new housing development.

If you buy your brand new home from a reputable property developer such as MSP, you benefit from the guarantees offered by the developer to cover any defects. MSP is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and all newly built homes are inspected during the building process to ensure they comply with legislation.  If you opt to buy a second hand or resale property, you will not get a warranty and once it is registered in your name, you are responsible for any defects.

Costs included
When you buy a new property from a registered property developer such as MSP, you will not be required to pay any transfer duties on your new home – even if the value is above SARS’ current threshold for 0% transfer duty on properties valued up to R900 000.

Choose your finishes
You can choose certain finishes and colour schemes for your home such as flooring, tiles and cupboards, when buying into a new development from MSP. You can also request that MSP’s contractors handle additional installations before you take ownership of the property, such as security fittings.

Make your garden your own
When you invest in a home with a garden or courtyard, buying into a new development has the added benefit of presenting you with a blank canvass. You can plan your garden and outdoor space according to your and your family’s needs and preferences.

MOVE into a new community
Buying into a new development has the added benefit that you are moving into an area where everyone is new residents. It makes it easier to make friends with the neighbours and grow a new community of like-minded people. In addition, the market dictates that new property developments often result in new shopping complexes and facilities in the area, such as day care, schools, gyms, churches and transport infrastructure.

MOVE with the times
Reputable property developers focus on all aspects of the new neighbourhood, not just the placement and style of the new homes, but also carefully planned community living with green belts and parks. In addition, MSP takes great care with its new property developments to introduce the latest environmentally friendly technologies and green solutions.

Benefits of buying a second-hand property
MSP believes there is also a case for buying resale property. It depends on the needs of the buyer, but someone with time and patience can, for instance, buy a “fixer upper” and increase the value of the home in a short space of time with clever renovations. Another benefit of a resale house could be an established garden. However, buyers of resale properties have to be aware of potential patent and latent defects, such as a leaking roof or rusty plumbing pipes.

The resale market often presents good bargains. Buyers should educate themselves about property prices and values and they should be prepared to do thorough home inspections to make sure they are getting a good deal. Buyers of resale properties also need to budget for a deposit on their home, transfer duties and renovations. 

Property investments remain a huge commitment from buyers to acquire the biggest asset they are likely to own. Therefore, MSP urges prospective property buyers to look around and do their homework before signing any property purchase offer.   

For more information on how our multi-spectrum property offering can help you make the right property MOVE, visit MSP.

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