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“This year has rolled into gear and we at MSP are ready to help you make your move in 2017,” says MSP CEO, Riaan Roos.
Distinctly evolved from its humble beginnings as Multi Spectrum Property Developments in 2002, the rebranded MSP is emerging as a property solutions company that brings a comprehensive offering of property-related products and services to the market. MSP started the year not only with its vibrant new identity, featuring six well-defined business units, but also with its legacy intact of helping more than 10 000 families move into their own new homes.
“MSP previously focused mainly on new property developments in the Western Cape. Apart from now also developing our business in Gauteng, we have positioned ourselves to help our customers move to so much more,” says Riaan. “We recognise the fact that technology and innovation in our industry help make the whole process of buying or renting a home and getting sound property advice, much easier and more accessible for customers.
“We aim to provide the answers, offering our customers good quality and accessible lifestyle investment opportunities and property solutions to help them make the right moves in life.”

Riaan explains that MSP will continue with its important role of developing communities through offering superior quality homes. “For the last 15 years, we’ve delivered property solutions with integrity and honesty. As we strive to be the top property solutions company in the country, we endeavour to continue stimulating local economies, creating jobs and maintaining the highest ethical standards in our business dealings.
“We aim to deliver our property promises in a professional and friendly manner to serve our wide range of customers excellently. Whether our customers want to move to an affordable home or have a budget of R4m or more to spend on their dream home, or whether they need a property partner to help move their business into the future, we are there to help them move.

“This is precisely where our six business units come into play. Each unit presides over a team of property professionals specialising in their unit’s offering to assist customers in making the right move,” he says.

MSP’s six business units:

MSP’s Sales business now brings resales of residential properties to the market. With a knowledgeable team of property professionals on board, MSP has what it takes to help customers make the right property moves.

MSP’s Rentals business already manages a portfolio worth more than R1 billion, taking care of customers looking to move into a suitable rental property. Backed by an in-house maintenance team, renting has never before been so convenient.

MSP’s Developments unit aims to grow new residential properties where the emphasis is on quality, security, sustainability and helping families move forward with the times. We achieve this along with our committed in-house construction team and contractor partners.

MSP has segmented its Retirement business to focus on the unique property needs and requirements of this market.

MSP’s Commercial properties are well situated to help businesses – from small family businesses to large corporates – move their operations into the future by supplying suitable and well-maintained properties. Once again, supported by the in-house maintenance team, commercial customers can rest assured their property solutions are well managed and maintained.

Everyone knows it costs money to make a move. MSP steps in with property-related financing. Whether customers need short- or long-term insurance or a home loan, or agents who require bridging finance, MSP’s Finance team will continue to assist with a seamless move in the same way that they have been doing for more than 10 years.

Riaan continues: “While MSP has rebranded and expanded – and are positioning ourselves to extend our reach into Gauteng - our values remain the same. We are committed to move forward as a family of property professionals looking to help regular families and businesses move to their new beginnings.
“Everything that MSP has managed to achieve in a short space of time has proven that we’re capable of moving mountains for ourselves and our customers. We believe by growing our business to offer comprehensive property solutions in the Western Cape and Gauteng, we’re making our best move yet and we invite you along on MSP’s journey into the future,” concludes Riaan.

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