MSP, already renowned for helping South Africans find their perfect homes,
now offers a more all-encompassing property service that includes residential
and commercial sales and rentals, development, financing, maintenance, and
general advice.
"We know that buying a home is probably
the biggest financial investment you’ll
ever make – but we also know that this
decision is guided by emotion, and shaped by the dream of bettering one’s life."
So, we’re here to talk you through the practical stuff. Where and when to buy
property; how to make the most from selling a property you already own;
what pitfalls to be aware of when renting, and a million other property-related
factors that you should be conscious of when making your next big move.

We’ve staffed our Customer Care Centre with people (not robots) who are as
passionate about your property as you are. And we’ve provided them with all
the tools and knowledge they need to advise and assist with the trickiest of

Whether you’re renting your first student flat, buying a home for your growing
family, downsizing and scaling back, or looking for purpose-built commercial
or industrial property – we’re here to help.

So when you’re ready to move, we’ll help you move better.

Our approach

A transparent customer orientated approach is what sets MSP apart from the rest. Each client, together with his or her enquiry, is equally important as the rest. We believe in educating our clients to our utmost ability, sharing knowledge that you as property owner can take with you in your life. This is our opportunity to further interact with our clients and we thrive on giving our clients that total customer care experience. We love engaging with you, our respected clients, the ones keeping our doors open and giving us the opportunity to fulfil our dreams together with yours’.

Why customer orientated?

Customer orientation is defined as an approach to sales and customer-relations in which staff focus on helping customers to meet their long-term needs and wants. Management and employees align their individual and team objectives around satisfying and retaining customers.

By looking after your property, it will look after you

In property, as with most things in life, general maintenance or upkeep is required to ensure longevity. Whether this is your vehicle or property, regular maintenance is needed from time to time in order to keep everything in pristine condition and to enjoy for many years to come. It is vital to understand which guarantees are given from the developer, and what is expected from you as the owner.


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