Riaan Roos

Riaan’s journey in the property market is a rich one. After studying marketing and sales, he learned construction skills working with various developers. From there, he set off, with nothing but a bakkie and his vision: to create a strong foundation for all South Africans, a sentiment he still holds dear to this day.

He spent his early days mainly in Kagiso – a traditionally disadvantaged area between Krugersdorp and Randfontein, as well as in Soweto. He then started his own construction company, Roos Contractors, in 1992. In 1994, he moved on to start RBA Developments in Johannesburg, which expanded operations to the Western Cape in December 1999. In 2001 Riaan sold his shares in the company, and in 2007 the company listed on the AltX.

More recently in October 2016, in a move that brought him full circle, MSP was propelled into the realm of being one of the biggest property solution companies in South Africa. “Nowadays, it’s imperative to take full advantage of technology and innovation in order to make the whole process of buying a house, and getting sound advice on property, easier for consumers. Everyone deserves this - from buyers of affordable housing to R4m homes, and it’s up to us to provide a range of quality and accessible lifestyle investment opportunities.”

“MSP has a sterling track record, and my dream to help create a better foundation for people through property is evident in what we have achieved up till now. A new beginning, or a new move in property does not have to be a daunting process. When it comes to big life decisions, whether wanting to find a better home or investment for your budget, or wanting to find a better way of maximising your home or investment – we have multi-spectrum solutions at hand. That is what we at MSP stand for – Multi Spectrum Property.”


Wesley Hellenberg

Wesley Hellenberg joined MSP in 2005 as an intern to learn more about the exciting Property Developing Industry. This was during the upswing of the property cycle and invaluable lessons were learnt and it is here where the property seed was planted in what would prove to be very fertile land. An internship program MSP is very grateful for and a story that needs to be told.

In 2006 he enrolled for a course in conveyancing to further broaden his horizons on the transfer process of property and the law surrounding it.

In 2009 Wesley completed his 3 Year National Diploma in Real Estate from CPUT to gain that much needed knowledge in Property Law, Property Valuations, Building Practises & Property Marketing.

His passion for property and drive for excellence and continuous improvement led to him completing his BTech Degree in Project Management in 2014 from CPUT to further enrich his array of property skills and abilities. Wesley is currently completing his Management Development Certificate at University of Stellenbosch Business School to enhance his leadership & management of the teams under his tutelage.

MSP is eagerly looking forward to the future together with Wesley and his immense set of skills makes him a key attribute to the success of this company and our respected developments. A holistic and thorough understanding of the entire property developing industry is something you seldom find in one individual, and we are very grateful that the seed sown 13 years ago, has blossomed into this undeniable talent.


Siyanda Mtulu

Siyanda was recently appointed as Executive Director of MSP Holdings (Group of Companies). The beginning of a relationship we are extremely grateful for and equally excited about.

Key competencies and work experiences include:
· Trained Marketer specialising in import and export
· Specialist in Government and Private Sector Relations
· Entrepreneur with very sound knowledge of South African Politics as well as current Government Policies, objectives and strategies.
· Business Activities included Government, Business Sector, Local Communities, Labour and Civil Society Groups.

Specific skills that make Siyanda such an invaluable asset:
· Project and Event Management skills
· Lobbyist at all levels of Government, as well as in the Business Sector

Previous positions held:
· Founder & Chief Executive, Executive Director, Business Development, Consultant.
Siyanda's entrepreneurial history:
· Inguqu Development (Pty) Ltd - Crime Prevention & Awareness Programs (Founder)
· Ezase Kasi (Pty) Ltd - Enterprise Development Initiative aligned with and approved by the NDP stakeholders (Founder & Chief Executive).
· Zooch Holdings (Pty) Ltd - An investment holdings company for the Mtulu Family, which includes Zooch Petroleum (Pty) Ltd, an active investment company in the petroleum sector (Director).
· Consulting - Active consulting relationships with Edgepoint Consulting (Pty) Ltd & TCS Ltd.
· Skyserve Investments (Pty) Ltd - A shareholder of MSP Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Director).


Daniel Hlongwane

Joined MSP as a storeman in 2003 when Riaan Roos, CEO, started the group in the Western Cape. Daniel's passion and hunger to learn more was immediately visible and within 6 months he was appointed as a Site Manager. It was evident from day one that Daniel was destined for great things and one of the most beautiful tales of job creation would emerge.

In 2007 Daniel started his own company called Worldfocus and MSP helped him with a bakkie and a truck to venture and realise his dream. His company today employs 120 people doing various building contracts for MSP.

2014 was another milestone for Daniel as he started his second company called Deep Blue Plumbing. This company would go on to do all plumbing work for MSP and still does so today with 93 fulltime employees between the two regions namely the Western Cape and Gauteng.

In 2016 Daniel realised there are even greater heights to achieve and that one must constantly aspire to dream bigger. It was during this year that his third company, Hazerex, was born as painting contractor. Today 60 people call Hazerex their employer.

One person set out with a dream 15 years ago, and today 273 others can put food on the table while equipping themselves with the necessary skillset to also be able to realise their own dreams in future.

MSP is grateful and excited to partner with Daniel and his boundless pursue of business excellence together with social upliftment is a match made in heaven. A personal trait we are immensely proud of to have on board and part of the group. Building dreams, creating opportunities.

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