Riaan Roos

Riaan’s journey in the property market is a rich one. After studying marketing and sales, he learned construction skills working with vaious developers. From there, he set off, with nothing but a bakkie and his vision: to create a strong foundation for all South Africans, a sentiment he still holds dear to this day.

He spent his early days mainly in Kagiso – a traditionally disadvantaged area between Krugersdorp and Randfontein, as well as in Soweto. He then started his own construction company, Roos Contractors, in 1992. In 1994, he moved on to start RBA Developments in Johannesburg, which expanded operations to the Western Cape in December 1999. In 2001 Riaan sold his shares in the company, and in 2007 the company listed on the ALTX.

More recently in October 2016, in a move that brought him full circle and propelled MSP into the realm of being one of the biggest property solution companies in South Africa, Riaan again took over RBA Developments as CEO and Director. “Nowadays, it’s imperative to take full advantage of technology and innovation in order to make the whole process of buying a house, and getting sound advice on property, easier for consumers. Everyone deserves this - from buyers of affordable housing to R4m homes, and it’s up to us to provide a range of quality and accessible lifestyle investment opportunities.”

“MSP has a sterling track record, and my dream to help create a better foundation for people through property is evident in what we have achieved up till now. A new beginning, or a new move in property does not have to be a daunting process. When it comes to big life decisions, whether wanting to find a better home or investment for your budget, or wanting to find a better way of maximising your home or investment – we have multi-spectrum solutions at hand. That is what we at MSP stand for – Multi Spectrum Property.”

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David Britz

Our passion lies within property and people, and to be able to combine both, very often doesn’t even feel like work. It is like that very renowned saying by Confucius : “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. It is a privilege to perform our trade in this very exciting industry in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Challenges will always be present in any sector, but where there are challenges, opportunities emerge and this is where Multi Spectrum Property is making their big move.

Over the past 50 years property has proven to be one of the most powerful vehicles when it comes to investment. A “solid” investment so to speak, it is built with brick and mortar and tough enough to withstand the harshest of economical onslaughts over time. It answers to one of the basic human needs namely shelter and we all understand and appreciate how the scarcity of available development land is putting continuous upward pressure on prices, whilst the influx of people due to migration from rural towns etc. is also adding to the ever mounting demand for housing. A perfect example of the supply and demand principle.

Our government is trying their utmost to alleviate the housing shortage but unfortunately with the ever growing demand exceeding the current supply levels, they desperately need the private sector to assist with the construction of quality homes in order to answer to the needs of our population and it is here where we, as Multi Spectrum Property, prosper. We take pride in assisting with the alleviation of this shortage and the ability to uplift communities.

With more than a decade of experience and thousands of completed properties under our belt, a track record you would expect from a reputable industry leader, we truly understand what it takes to conceptualize, construct and manage a quality property development, whether it is in the affordable market space or the more exclusive lifestyle estates. We take a dream and see it through until it becomes a reality, the day when an artist’s impression can be replaced by picturesque photographs of the actual product. It is like seeing your own children develop before your eyes and you growing with them. Our MSP family is expanding since we now also offer residential and commercial sales together with the much needed rentals thereof. A full solution answering to all property needs, and for your convenience all under one roof. Thorough research, an understanding of market conditions and a client orientated approach is what sets us apart from many in our industry and together with our new brand and corporate identity, this multi award-winning company is set to change the property market forever.

We are excited for you to join us on our journey and looking forward to making many new moves with you as companion, moves for the better.
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Development Facilitator Manager
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Legal Manager
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Human Resources
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Admin Manager
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Conveyancy Manager
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Development Sales Manager
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Rental Manager
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Maintenance & Retention's Manager
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Customer Relations Manager
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Studio Manager
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Construction Manager
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Quantity Surveyor Manager
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